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IRS Communal tv Installation

Above is a recent integrated reception system that AOI have completed for 46 flats in a develompment project in Edinburgh enabling each dwelling with access to either Sky Freeview or Freesat. 

We can facilitate Communal Tv Installations and Maintenance tendering for Local Authorities, Landlords, Prison service, Hotels, High Rise Flats, Hospitals and Care Homes


Communal Aerial & Satellite System

One wideband aerial and satellite dish installed then combined in a variation of different types of switches to feed any number of dwellings, one of the main visable benifits of this type of installation are that its more aesthetically pleasing no need for individual aerials and satellites scatterded over the buiding.


Communal Switch distribution & Feeds 

Above is an example of one of the jobs we have worked on part of a sheltered housing project, satellite and aerial inputs are comnbined and sent down the same cable from each switch to an internal point in each dwelling and bedroom enabling tennant the choice of subscribing to sky or to use a Freeview aerial.